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The 1st National Philanthropy &Fund Raising Conference in Nepal

The 1st National Philanthropy &Fund Raising Conference in Nepal has successfully organized by the Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development on the 27-28 February. This conference was the first fundraising conference in the country and the main event of philanthropy in Nepal. On which more than 100 participants have attended as representative of various International and National NGOs, and CSOs.

It was Nepal's first philanthropy & Fundraising conference where it had featured global thought-leaders, change makers and Nepal's fundraisers like Prof. Dr BhagwanKoirala, Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center, Nepal, Prof. BekayAhn, CFRE, President of International Council of Non Profit Management, South Korea, Mr. Jeroninio Almeida, Former CEO of Action Aid India and International Confederation of NGOs, India, Ms Reem Abudulhamid, Lead Private Sector Philanthropy for Middle East and North Africa and Asia UNHCR, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Shibesh Chandra Regmi, Country Director, Ipas, Nepal, and Mr. GovindaNeupane, Country Director, IM Swedish Development Partners, Nepal.

The speakers are the world recognize fundraising trainers, philanthropists, and successful social activists. They have shared profound ideas, solutions and best practices on philanthropy and fundraising. They provided critical trends, techniques and professional development learning over two days with sector insiders that have challenged thinking and gave the latest knowledge and fresh ideas. They have been shared the motivation idea to trial new approaches to fundraising.

Rewati Raman Dhakal, CEO of Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD), said it has been opportunity to Learn, Connect and Grow, and more fruitful for NGO, CSOs and other fundraisers to make time for professional development as fundraising is continually evolving.

“Fundraising is increasingly challenging with declining donor rates and retention in the context of Nepal. As a result, fundraisers need to think about new and innovative ways to engage and retain their donors. NCPD Philanthropy & Fundraising Conference 2019 has been a critical way to pick up the learning’s to do that,” he said.

And Director of NCPD Bishal Rai mentioned that conference is a focus on Fundraising, but we believe fundraising is not about digit, its positive changes in the lives of people and communities. And he added this conference targeted to increase philanthropy fundraising and proper uses of it, proper uses of resources with the connection of community, it is a way to meet sustainable development.

“This conference is to make a bond of sustainable solidarity between donor agencies and NGOs, CSOs of Nepal. We will continue this conference to contribute to for fund and capital raising for the non-profit and private sectors which will be meaningful for the socio-economic development of Nepal.” Said Rai.

On this conference, more than 11-plus international and local experts and best-practice fundraising have been shared their ideas over more than 100 participants. The theme of this conference was the Philanthropy Beyond Fund Raising.

NCPD Conference 2019 also offered participants a chance to interact with engaging speakers from around the globe including dynamic keynotes, find out about products and services that can help them raise more fund for their organizations, and network with fundraising peers from across the world, who are working in Nepal at a variety of receptions and events.

“Networking can be so beneficial for a variety of reasons. Often the learning has been just as valuable outside the conference. The conference has facilitated changes to the next job or makes some influential business contacts for the future.

In this Conference, President of the International Council for Non-Profit Management, South Korea, Prof, and CFRE Bekay Ahn shared key Strategies over the philanthropy and fundraising in the 21st Century, Where is it moving and how can we move? And also he presented one Case Study- how the organization reached the top in philanthropy and fundraising success?

Head of Global Philanthropy, UNHCR, Ms. Reem Abdelhamid expressed her idea over Building a pipe of fundraising prospect for Nepalese I/NGOs with sharing the Middle East and in Global Context. In this session, she said how Muslim countries are raising funding as philanthropy.

And next speaker Mr. Jeroninio Almeida Former CEO of Action Aid India and International Confederation of NGOs, India, Fundraising Expert, India concerned that art & science of fundraising, how is it developing, measuring and improving fundraising impact. He has shown various case study video and noted that be factual and work with a good result over the community.

From Nepalese export, Participants have gained knowledge about Key ingredients of the institutional fundraising by Mr. Govinda Neupane, Country Director of IM Swedish Development Partner, He addresses Nepal’s Current opportunities and challenges with institutional development cooperation agencies & tips for writing effective grant proposal, Art of the effective donor communication, persuasion and negotiation skills, and Best practices and challenges of local resource mobilization. And Dr. Shibesh Chandra Regmi, Country Director of Ipas and Chairperson of Association of International NGOs has focused his idea for development and funding trend in Nepal - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. In his session, he said INGO/NGOs play a vital role in Nepal’s development, so no hurry to escape from your work, keep the passion, and do wisely for fundraising from philanthropists.

Likewise, Prof Dr. Bhagwan Koirala, Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center spoke on topic Input, Integrity, and Dr. Pramod Dhakal, Champion of Open University and Distance Education and Diaspora Nepalese has shared his work experience on the theme of Impact overwork and I am the community, I expect.

Another session of the conference is Experience Sharing, in this session, they shared their experiences.

Mr. Cheese Gurung, President of Sukhawati Foundation, Nepal shared his experience about Challenges and opportunities of social enterprises in Nepal, Mr. Durga Bahadur Thapa, Mayor Beleka Municipality shared his work about successful Local resource Mobilization Nepal, and also Best practices and challenges of local resource mobilization. And Korean veteran fundraiser Mr. Kim Beum Yong, Secretary General of Council of Korean Foundation, and Mr. Kim HongGu, HongGu Planning, South Korea have shared their work model and make key suggestions to Nepal's Non-Profit Sector and How Nonprofit Creates Impact in Korea. Their Idea of Philanthropy is concerned by the community, for the community to community; it means that Democratic Philanthropy practices in Korea.

At the end of our conversation, the Director of NCPD Mr. Rai also shared that the conference on philanthropy and fundraising will be held next year and will unveil the date soon.

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